Some photographs of the events of the Royal House, in Portugal and Italy

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Dom Rosario with Marquise of St. Maximilian, collaborators and guests during an official ceremony in Portugal

Dom Rosario with Sandra Milo, a famous actress, Dame of St. Isabel, and guests during an ceremony held to their honor in Portugal

A moment during a Corrida held in Honor of HRH Dom Rosario and his family in Portugal


Dom Rosario meeting the cardinals

Dom Rosario during an press conference in Portugal


Dom Rosario and honorables during aa Corrida held in his honor in Portugal

The official visit to the Vicenza offices by Cardinal Oddi and the president of the European association of small and medium industry, Mr. Germozzi.

Dom Rosario with the cardinal in the offices in Vicenza

Dom Rosario and his collaborators meeting the cardinals

Dom Rosario meeting the cardinal

HRH Dom Rosario and HRH Prince Mosheshe of Nigeria during his visit to one of the Royal Chapels in Portugal

HRH Dom Rosario confers to HRH Prince Mosheshe of Nigeria the diplomatic representation of the Royal House in Nigeria